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Hi there!

My name is AK (which is short for Anne-Kathrin if you were wondering) and I am a thirty-something Expat, new Wife to Mr. C. & Mother of two and we have just moved from Buckinghamshire all the way to Dorset where we bought our very first coastal family home.


Things I LOVE:

Sleep (lets be honest every parent out there probably treasures this the most since having kids)

Babywearing (which I only explored since having MM but loved so much that I trained to be a BW peer supporter and did run our local sling meet with fellow mums for a the last year)

Packing Suitcases (strange I know but I start packing mostly a week in advance and also sort it in different categories so it’s easier to unpack upon arrival)

Books (I love reading a good book and recently joined a book club which is a lot of fun and gets me reading more)

Writing To-Do Lists and ticking them off of course (there comes the German efficiency out in me)

Pushchairs (this love of mine will never fade! Now I just help others find their dream ride instead of sourcing my next one)

Horse Riding (throughout my childhood and just before I got pregnant the first time around I always had horse “shares” and loved nothing more.

Zumba (this is the one and only gym class you will see me alive in I absolutely love it even though my sense of directions are hideous and I don’t go nearly as often as I want to, its such a laugh)

Things I HATE:

Ice in my drink (can’t stand it!)

Little White Lies (just unnecessary)

Kiwi (its just a fruit I find I can live without eating, touching or looking at)

Being Late (unfortunately thats exactly what I am since becoming a mother oh the joys of never leaving the house on time…like ever!)

Balloons rubbing together (it gives me massive goosebumps and its the worste sound in the world for me)

Marmite & adding Vinegar on your chips (guess I will never get use to that englishness when it comes to certain food or traditions!)

My Story:

Originally I am from Bavaria (South Germany) but in December 2005 I decided to head over to the island to spend some time with my lovely German aunty and her family whilst working as a live in Nanny.

What started as a “2 year project” living and working in another country turned into “forever” when I got together with my boyfriend through my cousin back in the summer of 2006 (yep, it didn’t take me long to find a Irish-Englishman!!)

After what seemed such a long but mostly happy 5 years (us woman are always so impatient!) I finally got my wish and he agreed to extend our togetherness so in the Summer of 2010 we welcomed our firstborn son into the world:

May I introduce you to:

Finn Eduard aka “Finnster” | 31.10.2010 | 8lbs 11 ½oz | 56 cm


Train Enthusiast | Star Wars Fan | Plane Spotter | Junior Palaeontologist

Finn is the typical wild boy who loves nothing else then running around with his mates, building lego for hours in his bedroom and looking after his little sister who he loves to pieces!

You can read about his intense and rather late entrance to the world over here on my friend Karen’s blog “Monkey-Feet”.

3 ½ years into becoming first time parents Mr. C. decided it was about high time to make an honest woman out of me and surprised me with a rather spectacular & certainly not so low-key proposal “You have my Hand, my Heart and my Soul!” back in my hometown whilst I was carrying our second child who we welcomed a few month later:

Molly-May aka “M’n’M” or “Chicken“ | 09.02.2014 | 8lbs 7 ½oz | 52 cm


Bed Thief | Boobie Monster | Frozen Fan | Dancing Queen

Molly-May adores her big brother and tries really hard to be as grown up as him.

She is a little chatter box and comes out with the funniest sentences ever!

Her love for dollies and dressing up mixed in with her enthusiastic (but rather) loud singing skills are adored by all her family and friends!

Here is all about my Pregnancy Journey with her as well as her “Welcome to the World, Baby!” birth story which was a little shock surprise with her being the 2. girl in over 24 years for the “C” family!

In the Summer of 2015 we finally made it official and tied the knot in front of 150 of our nearest and dearest german and english Family and Friends in the beautiful and rural setting of a small village in Bavaria/South Germany (which i will write about in detail on my Wedding section):


About the Blog:

I started blogging back in March 2013 when Finn was a Toddler and MM was in the “works” and I wanted to document my journey through motherhood, sleepless nights and all the crazy stuff that comes with it!

My love -and slight obsession- of ALL the pushchairs have given me the idea to my first ever blog which I naturally called:


For the next 3 ½ years my blogging voyage led me to some amazing family adventures, working with       lovely PR’s and Brands on great projects and reviewing some cool stuff along the way, learning lots of new skills as well as just enjoying the joy that is writing.

And then there is of course the added bonus of having met some pretty awesome bloggers along the way at events and conferences all over the UK who I a lucky enough to call my friends now!

With Molly-May turning 3 very soon I had to come to the sad conclusion that our pushchair days are numbered and I only own 1 buggy (my husband never thought that day will come!!) which is my trusted Babyzen YoYo for our daily school runs on the busy roads and our plane travels with both children so it was time to say Goodbye “My Buggy Junction” and Hello to “The German Wife” my new blogging adventure from now on!

Originally more focused on parenting & pushchairs my new blog has now evolved into a lifestyle, beauty, travel, wedding planning and home improvement blog but still with all the trial and tribulations of motherhood thrown into it.

So why “The German Wife”? Well thats a whole other story which you can indulge in over here.

I hope you liked learning some more about my family and me and enjoy reading through my blog!


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